The Band:

When co-lead singer Wesley Krauss was young he would create elaborate forts out of blankets and cushions where he would live out his fantastical games and stories. Through their music, Krauss and co-lead vocalist Mary-Lee Neron of Blanket Barricade, aspire to bring listeners back to that headspace.

Seven music videos were released from the band’s debut album Parade Bells. With cross dressers, robots, masked figures, reversed lip-synching, and intricate stories, the music videos took YouTube by storm. With over 850000 views, the band has had songs noticed by a couple large companies who have used the music in their own promotion videos.

Recently the band has teamed up with Jordy Birch (Pure, Guilty About Girls) to produce We Fit Together, a song which Krauss began as a potential TELUS commercial jingle but which went on to become a full on indie pop song. The song was discovered by Grant Lawrence from CBC and has been added to rotation there. The band is currently working on their sophomore release and plans to release a music video for every song on the album.