GRANT LAWRENCE – CBC: “These YouTube stars have already notched over 750,000 views for their videos of their ultra-catchy, upbeat indie pop. This tune is a sweet duet that could have fallen off the Juno soundtrack.”

LIVE SHOW REVIEW: “I’m already so happy to be writing what seems to be my first unapologetically positive review, as I’ve truly enjoyed meeting this group of talented musicians who bring a genuine enthusiasm to their art.” – Robyn Brown (

JIM VALLANCE: (songwriter for Bryan Adams & Areosmith). “I’m very impressed with your “outside the box” approach to writing and arranging.  Very special indeed. Consider me a fan! – Jim”

Media Mind Set: A Velvet Affair:It’s pretty special actually, and the more I play it, the better it sounds. Loving the big piano vibe it’s got going on.”

DÉNOUEMENTS Blog: “There has to be something highly entertaining when people wearing children’s party costumes while frolicking around the city park for a picnic are stuck backwards.This and other splashes of gaiety sum up Blanket Barricade’s music video “A Velvet Affair.””